French Custom Sportfish Yachts

New French Custom Sportfish Yachts


French Yachts are known for their expertise in industry-leading boat construction with the most advanced materials available today. With over 30 years of experience in building custom sportfishing yachts, the French Yachts team has perfected the art of yacht building to a degree that is unmatched, even by the big production sportfish builders today. The French Yachts 54 ENX is no exception. This new 54 Enclosed Bridge Express Yacht is the first ever fully infused, composite, epoxy, post-cured sportfish in the world. The result is the toughest, stiffest, longest lasting sportfishing yacht ever. Even the cabinetry on board is built with infused glass and carbon.

As one of the driving forces behind the evolution of the custom sportfish boat industry from all wood construction to a modern composite material, it was only a matter of time until Steve French would begin building his own boats. Steve put together a dream team of experts from around the world that included epoxy construction efforts to system technology analysts and even a team of safety compliance professionals that would all lend a hand in creating to give their input on the construction process. The state-of-the-art French facilities have continued to produce innovations, like the modern CNC jig assembly system, that influence many of the yachts built today.

If you haven't heard of Steve French, you have probably at least heard of some of the boats he has had a hand in building. In fact, Steve has been behind some of the most technologically advanced and popular yachts that are on the water today. Beginning his career as just a teenager working in a boat yard, Steve moved on to working in production boat manufacturing for many years before becoming a Product Direct at Garlington Yachts, a well-known custom boat manufacturer. The result was the well-known Garlington 44XPS and the renowned 61' Flybridge that has continued to be a pillar of their production line-up.

Why go to such great lengths to resin-infuse the entire boat? Because French Yachts made a commitment to create a boat with absolutely zero rot, ever. Even the engines on board are bolted down to exclusive infused glass backing plates. There will be no corrosion or electrolysis for the engine or seakeeper bolts. Additionally, the French Yachts 54 ENX is the first boat to use Innegra, the next generation composite technology.

New French Custom Sportfish Yachts

41 Jager 2019  41 Jager

41 French Yachts Jager 2019

Stuart, Florida

41 Jager

34 OCC 2019  French Yachts

French Yachts 34' Occ 2019

Stuart, Florida

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