98' Inace Expedition 2006

Ab Normal


Sint Maarten (dutch Part)

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More Details

AB Normal was the 6th\nin the highly successful series of Inace aft house Explorer Yacht designs from\n80’ to 126’.  These proven Explorer\nyachts have now done hundreds of thousands of miles of exploring through all\ntypes of sea conditions and proven themselves to have outstanding sea keeping,\nsea kindliness and efficiencies. Inace Explorers are known and admired\nworldwide in the Explorer Yacht community for their solid commercial systems,\nease of operation, long range and comfort at sea. The hull design was done by\nBray Yacht Design, a specialist in high efficiency hull designs and bulbs. 


AB Normal was designed\nwith a larger main deckhouse which enabled her to have a separate dining area\nand lounging area on the main deck while others in her size range have a\ncombined lounge/dining area.


AB Normal’s swim platform\nwas extended by 4’ to enhance boarding and to create a water level lounging\narea. She has also had additional on-deck storage added and other upgrades\nincluding a new hot tub on the sky lounge deck. AB Normal has just finished an\nextensive upgrade and service period, a complete list of which is found below.\nAll systems were checked, serviced or replaced as needed. She then did a\nflawless trip from the US\nto the Med and a summer cruising. Much of the equipment AB Normal has has been\nchanged in the past few years including generators, main air conditioning\ncompressors, pumps and head system.  AB Normal had an\nextensive refit and upgrade in 2109.  Refit items are listed in sections\nbelow.


She is ready to cruise to\nall the exotic places around the world, and VAT paid in Europe.


Length\nOverall                                                           95’/28.96m  


Length\non deck                                                         84’\n6”/25.749m


Length\non the Waterline  (approximate)                 84’4”/25.718m


Beam\nmolded                                                               23.52’/7.15m  


Draft\n(Fully loaded)                                                      7\'\n8”/2.35m


Draft\n(50% load) 6000 gal Fuel, 1080 gal F.W.          6’\n9”/2.05m


Displacement\n(100% Fuel & 100% Water)                195\nTons approx  


Displacement\nLight Ship                                               140 Tons approx


Fuel\nOil Tankage                                                             12500\ngal approx.  


Potable\nWater Tankage                                                3000\ngal approx. 


Lube\nOil Tankage                                                           120\ngal  


Contaminated\nOil Tankage                                           120 gal  


Black\nWater Tank                                                           700\ngal  


Grey\nWater Tank                                                            700 gal 

The vessel’s hull is subdivided by transverse and\nlongitudinal compartments:

1.      Forepeak

2.      Fresh Water Tanks 

3.      Bow thruster Compartment 

4.      Guest Stateroom Compartment 

5.      Master stateroom Compartment 

6.      Fuel Oil Tanks Steering Gear\nCompartment

7.      Engine Room


8.      Steering Gear Compartment 

IN GENERAL, the following sizes\nand thickness shall be used in the hull construction: Note a 3/8-insert plate\nwill be located over the strut and propeller area to reduce drumming.


KEEL                                                    3/4\"\nx 10\" full length

STEM                                                   3/4\"\nx 10\"

FLOORS                                               1/4\"\nplate

SKEG (Depth 6”)                                 sides 5/16”, cross section 5/16”, bottom ½”

BOTTOM PLATING                              5/16\"\nplate, up to the chines

SIDE, TRANSOM PLATING                1/4\"

MAIN DECK PLATING                        1/4\"\nplate

BULKHEAD PLATING                         1/4\"\nplate and 3/16\" where corrugated

TANK TOP PLATING                           1/4”\n

TRANSVERSE FRAMES                      Deck:\n3\"x 3\" x 5/16\"/Side:3\" x 3\"x 5/16\"

TRANSVERSE FRAMES                      Floors:\n1/4\" 

ENGINE FOUNDATION                      8\"\nx 3/4\"

LONGITUDINAL FLOORS                   5/16”

DECK GIRDERS                                    3\"x\n3\" 5/16\" beams

BOTTOM LONGITUDINALS                5/16\" plate

SIDE LONGITUDINALS                        3\"x\n3\" x 5/16\" or plate 

DECK LONGITUDINALS                       5\"x\n3\"x 5/16\"

BULWARK FRAMES   \n                         4\"x\n1/4\" plate

BULWARK LONGITUDINALS               3\"x 1/4\"

BULWARK CAP PLATE                         2\n1/2\" stainless steel pipe

BULKHEAD STIFF-VERT                      Corrugated

BULKHEAD STIFF-HORIZ                    Corrugated

HAWSE PIPING                                   4\"\nto 5\"

ANCHOR PLATES                                Stainless\nsteel

CHAIN LOCKER                                   5/16\"\n

RUB RAILS                                           \"U\"\n(9\" x 3\" x 9”) x 1/4\" stainless steel




CABIN SIDE UPRIGHTS                        4\"x 1 1/2\" & 3/16\"

CABIN SIDE LONGITUDINALS             4\"x 1 1/2\" & 3/16\"

CABIN TOP TRANS. FRAMING            4\"x 1 1/2\" & 3/16\"

CABIN TOP GIRDERS                            4\"x\n1 1/2\" & 3/16\"

CABIN TOP LONGITUDINALS              4\"x 1 1/2\" & 3/16\"

CABIN SIDE PLATING                           5\nmm


CABIN TOP PLATING                            5\nmm 

Two (2) Caterpillar\nengines model 3406 Electronic, A-rated \n450 BHP @ 1,800 RPM, 24V elec. start, lubricating oil filters, dry\nexhaust manifolds, 24V alarm system, mechanical instrument panel.



Two (2)\nTwin disk 5114 reduction gears Twin Disk or similar, 3.50:1 ratio, oil cooler,\nengine mounted.

Twin Disk\nQuick-shift gear, 3.50:1 


R/H & 1\nL/H, Bronze, 5-blade




Remote control SPA 10590\nand remote control plugs.

Kobelt Electronic system\nfor engine



Hydraulic\npower steering shall be Kobelt, with steering pumps and rams 



Bow Thruster 16”; American Bow Thruster 65 hp, driven off the main engine gears\nwith electric clutch. The system supplies 65 hp when the main engines are at\nidle.


2 Muir hydraulic anchor\nwindlasses on foredeck, vertical capstans with horizontal chain gypsies
\n2 Muir capstans on aft deck
\n1 Plough anchor 285 kg.
\n1 Poole and Stockless anchor, 285 kg
\nAnchor chains:  328’ starboard, and 426’ port
\nAnchor chains are fitted with quick release pull out clips for emergency


American Bow Thruster stabilizer There are two pumps, one on each engine.
(2) two sea chests in the engine room using 6” pipe.  The sea valves are\nflanged bronze ball valves, 3-piece. Removable strainer plates are fitted to\nthe bottom of the hull. The sea chests have blow down system. The chests are\nconnected by a cross over pipe that feeds all of the raw water system. Each\nindividual sea chest will feed the system with 50% blockage. Each sea chest can\nbe isolated while underway and be cleared by the blow down system or by removing\nthe sea strainer. All piping coming off of the sea chest is CuNi. In addition\nto the main main sea strainer in each sea chest, each individual user of raw\nwater has its own finer filter.

The fuel oil system\ncomprises a total of 12,500 gals in (5) tanks:

  • Two (2) main tanks (each 4000 gals approx.)
  • \n
  • Two (2) forward tanks (one with 1780 gals and\n the other with 1740 gls approx),
  • \n
  • One (1) day tank (980 gals\n approx.)  
  • \n


The system consists of\nfour categories:

  • Transfer, Supply and Return, Fill, and Tank\n Sounding.
  • \n


The fuel transfer system\nenables transfer of fuel from tank to tank.

  • Two (2) “Racor” fuel filters, Mod. 75-1000MA\n for main engines.
  • \n
  • Two (2) “Racor” Mod. 1000 single filter per\n generators.
  • \n


An Alfa Laval fuel system\nmodel MIB 303 is installed, with drain to dirty oil tank. The system can draw\nfuel from any tank and transfer fuel back to day tank only.


A unique feature is that\nthe Alfa Laval can be set up to draw from the two main tanks and continually\nfeed the day tank which then overflows to the two main tanks creating a\nclean/cool fuel loop. The day tank can operate the vessel in excess of 24 hours\nso that if you fill the tank every 12 hours you always maintain a minimum of 12\nhours clean fuel in the system.


The day tank is above the\nfuel pumps and keeps positive pressure on all of the engines. In addition the\nday tank is located between and within the boundaries of the two centerline\nmain fuel tanks. This creates a heat sink that keeps the fuel in the day tank\nan optimal temperature.


There is pump out and fill\nlocated on the main deck.


Oily water tanks- 240\ngallons


  • One coat of Dumb-dumb
  • \n
  • One (1) layer 1 foam with 1 lb/sq. ft. sheet\n lead
  • \n
  • One (1) layer white 30% perforated aluminum\n sheet
  • \n
  • The air stacks are to be coated with Dumb-dumb
  • \n
  • There is a lead sheet in the main saloon over\n the engine room
  • \n




  • Cabin Sides - One (1) layer 2” rock wool
  • \n
  • Overhead - One (1) layer 2” rock wool
  • \n
  • There is to be Dumb-dumb sprayed in main\n saloon
  • \n

\nBlack water, gray water and fresh water tanks\nwere sand blasted to bare steel, primed and painted with specific paint for\neach use.
\nAir Conditioning System

\nChanged air handler in the galley for a\nbigger unit - 24K, and installed new control board and displays.
\nReplaced 8 air handlers (1 x 24K, 2 x 12K, 3 x 10K and 2 x 18K)  for new\nunits with new control boards and displays.   Refurbished 3 air\nhandlers (3 x 24K) by removing them, acid cleaned and used Microban for mold\nremediation, reinsulate units and supply and return lines. Installed new\ncontrol boards and digital displays.  Removed and acid cleaned the\nremaining newer 3 units.

\nOctober 2019: Galley refrigeration replaced. 

Two new Samsung\nrefrigerator/freezer units


\nServiced the units, replaced all membranes and inspected all fittings.
\nBottom paint

Several rust spots treated,\nprimed and repainted throughout the yacht.

Deck drains were sand\nblasted to bare metal, primed, and a ceramic coat was applied on the inside.\nThe drain surroundings were ground, repaired, treated, primed and repainted.
\nSeveral doors were removed for blistering. They were ground, primed, painted\nand reinstalled.  
\nEngines and Generators
\nEngines were serviced in February\n2019 by Cat dealer PANTROPIC and following were performed:
\n1. Drain coolant, remove thermostat housing and replace regulator
\n2. Change oil and oil filters, zincs and plugs.
\n3. Replace air filter elements
\n4. Take oil and coolant samples. (All tested ok)
\n5. Inspect engine mounts.  (Inspected OK)
\n6. Inspect starter motor (Inspected OK)
\nGenerators were serviced in February\n2019 by Cat dealer PANTROPIC and following were performed:
\n1. Clean and inspect the Heat Exchanger
\n2. Clean and test aftercooler
\n3. Replace raw water impeller
\n4. Replace V belt
\n5. Change oil and oil filters
\n6. Take oil samples (Tested OK)
\n7. Inspect engine mounts.  (Inspected OK)
\n8. Inspect back end (Inspected OK)
\nHydraulic System for Bow Thruster and\nStabilizer. Inspected and Serviced February 2019
\nInspect and diagnose and adjust bow thruster setting.
\nBoth main hydraulic pumps were replaced for new units.
\nSystem was flushed and oil replaced for new.
\nAll system pressures checked and adjusted to manufacturer\'s specs.
\nCooling pump replaced for new one.
\nOpacmare crane was removed and completely dismantled for service, February\n2019.
\nAll cylinders were opened, serviced with seals replaced and pressure tested.
\nAll parts were sanded, primed and repainted.
\nHydraulic pump replaced for new one.
\nCrane was reassembled, installed and tested.
\nManufacturer tech did final test and settings onboard.
\nAll panels and sub panels were inspected, February 2019  and modifications\nmade to bring them to current ABYC standards and compliance.
\nSeveral breakers were replaced and correct bus bar installed.
\nNew front plates with labels were installed.
\nElectronics battery bank charger replaced for new unit and batteries replaced\nfor new ones as well.

  • The crew cabin and head on the lower level was completely redone\n with a separate shower stall.
  • \n
  • A TV lift was installed on the main salon cabinet and TV\n replaced.   
  • \n
  • New carpets were installed in the main salon, master and sky\n lounge
  • \n
  • The washer and dryer on the lower level were replaced. 
  • \n
  • The dryer was upgraded for a vented unit from the existing\n condensating one and vent piping was installed all the way to the\n outside. 
  • \n
  • A new washer and dryer were installed in the port side cabinet on\n the Sky Lounge.
  • \n
  • The master starboard side closet was modified, drawers were\n installed and a linen cabinet installed facing the door entry.
  • \n
  • Several wood repairs around the wood framing were performed.
  • \n
  • A sofa/bed with motorized lift for storage underneath was\n installed in the sky lounge 
  • \n
  • Wind blocker side doors were removed, fixed, painted and\n reinstalled.
  • \n
  • Wheel house chair and sofa upholstery were redone, new with a\n dark blue finish.
  • \n
  • New blinds/curtains were installed in the main salon, master and\n sky lounge.
  • \n
  • New sofa and cabinet was installed on the main salon starboard side
  • \n
  • New Kenwood sound system installed in pilothouse
  • \n

Teak decking

Flybridge teak between stacks\nwas serviced, caulking removed and replaced as needed. 

\nHot tub was installed on the fly bridge.
\nElectric barbeque grill replaced for gas unit.
\nKayak bracket installed on the side of the upper deck (both sides)
\nSecond freezer installed in the lazarette.
\nFire system checked and engine room fire dampers were serviced with springs\nreplaced. System checked OK and fully operational.
\nSecurity systems were serviced, inoperative sensors were replaced, the keypads\nwere replaced for new. System was reprogrammed to the English language and\ntested OK
\nEngine exhaust pipes serviced. Pipes were removed, rebuilt, primed painted and\nreinstalled.
\nSpring shocks for engine room door were replaced for new ones with correct\nlength and pressure.
\nWindshield wipers arms and blades were replaced by new ones.
\nInside lighting replaced with LED light bulbs.
\nChain was removed and regalvanized. Swivels were checked and/or replaced


Update: October 2019:


  • Bottom sandblasted to bare metal and Hempel bottom application\n applied.
  • \n
  • Props and shafts pulled.
  • \n
  • Props serviced and cutlass and shaft bearings replaced.
  • \n
  • ABS tail gear and machinery survey.
  • \n

AB Normal can accommodate 8 owners/guests\nin 4 staterooms when the skylounge is in VIP Stateroom mode, and 4 crew in the\n2 crew quarters in the forecastle and additional crew/ guides in the crew\nservice area.  Her large sky lounge has\nthe versatility to be used as a 4th queen VIP stateroom, an office, workout\narea or home theater.  The interior has Majilite\npanel overheads, a combination of granite and carpeted floors with the\nexception of the teak and holly in the wheelhouse.   Bulkheads are American Cherry and  Majilite


All of the ensuite\naccommodations enjoy much larger heads and showers than found on most vessels\nin this size range. On some of the other vessels in this series the owners move\nbetween the lower master and the VIP depending on where the vessel is cruising\nand in one it was permanently changed to a large master stateroom. 



Comfortably situated\nmidships on the lower deck, the roomy full beam master cabin has a king sized\nberth, a seating area, his and her heads and extensive hanging lockers. There\nare three large closets plus the walk through and large amounts of drawer and\nadditional storage space.   The “her” head has a tub/shower and a large\nwalk through closet which has just been upgraded with additional drawers. The “his”\nhead has a comfortable shower and, like the other heads, is done in granite.


VIP Guest\nCabin

To starboard, forward of the master cabin, is the\nVIP guest suite with queen sized berth two hanging lockers and en-suite head\nand shower.



To port forward of the master cabin, the guest\ncabin has twin berths and ensuite head and shower. The beds are full size\nsingle beds that use standard sheets and have comfortable room between the\nbeds.




Aft Deck

A roomy aft deck with dining area, wet bar and Beko\nunder counter refrigerator



A comfortable seating area leads to the dining\nsalon forward, and galley forward of the dining salon.  The dining salon accommodates 8 guests, and\nincludes a Scholtès wine cooler. The saloon was just modified to allow for a\nlarge pop up TV, new seating was installed with power lift up to access\nextensive storage under and a new sideboard was installed.



  • New refrigeration and freezer installed.
  • \n
  • Smeg range with ceramic cooktop
  • \n
  • Hotpoint hood extraction
  • \n
  • Bosch Silence plus dishwasher
  • \n
  • Krüshr trash compactor
  • \n
  • Irinox Fresco multi-function food\n cooler/heater
  • \n


Crew mess:

Settee for 6

LG Flat Screen tv

Coffee Maker

Electrolux RE80 under\ncounter refrigerator



The skylounge is situated behind the\npilothouse.  This is a comfortable area\nto view the passing scene while underway. \nIt can also be converted to a VIP guest room with queen sized berth to\naccommodate extra guests. A new Miele washer and dryer with outside vent were\ninstalled in custom cabinet with storage behind it for ironing board and other\nitems. 



Fully equipped with navigation and communication\nequipment.  There is a seating area at\nthe back on the port side.  A Portuguese\nbridge surrounds the Pilothouse and skylounge.




Steering station forward, with lounging area, sun\ndeck and wet bar behind.

U-line\nunder counter refrigerator

Scotsman\nAC46 ice maker


New gas grill


ABT TRACSTAR thruster\ncontrol

Thruster control station\nABT TRAC

Thruster joy stick

ACR spotlight

2xCAT engine displays


Furuno Satellite compass

Furuno radar 120 Km range

Furuno X band with ARPA\nfunction

Furuno Navnet\nmulti-function unit

Furuno FS-1503 SSB radio

Furuno NX-700 Navtex\nreceiver

Furuno FA-150 AIS system

Furuno Universal AIS\nFA-1560

Furuno radar/ARPA\nFAR-21x7(-BB) series,

Furuno NavNet

Furuno satellite compass\n5” SC-50,

2 x Icom M602 VHF radios

Kahlenberg M-511A whistle\ncontrol,

Kenwood KDC-BT365U sound\nsystem

2 walk around hand held\nunits, Kobelt throttle controls

Kobelt jog lever

Rudder indicator Kobelt\n7175-MA,

5 x MIC II VHF handsets

Richie Magnetic compass\nwith 6” card

Time zero chart plotting\nsystem Windows based

Sailor message terminal\n6006

Simrad IS 20 analog wind\nspeed and direction indicator

Simrad AP50 autopilot,

4 x 17\" VEI displays



ABT TRACSTAR thruster\ncontrol

Thruster joy stick

Thruster control station\nABT TRAC

2xCAT engine displays

Danforth magnetic compass\n5” card

Furuno Navnet\nmulti-function unit

1 x Icom M602 VHF radio

Horn button

2 walk around hand held units,\nKobelt throttle controls

Kobelt jog lever

Rudder indicator Kobelt\n7175-MA

Simrad AP50 autopilot

2 x VEI LCD displays



The main salon, master stateroom and\nupper salon are provided with full Satellite TV control.  

The main saloon has a new TV

The guest staterooms are provided with\nsatellite system TV.  However, the cables are already run to these cabins,\nso upgrades are possible.

The main salon entertainment system\nprovides for the external speakers on the aft deck, upper deck and sun deck\neach provided with local volume control.


The master stateroom has an LG TV with\nsound bar.

The ship has two (2) Caterpillar\n49 Kw generators which are star wound to produce 230 volts at 50 cycles three\nphase. This is supplied to the main switchboard via exclusive 160 Amp ABB over\ncurrent protection breakers located in the main switchboard.



When the yacht is alongside\nit can take on shore power via two 100 Amp shore inlets. Input selection is\nprovided by the use of an input selector switch and phase rotation switch\nstarboard side lazarette.  Each input is\nprovided with exclusive 125 Amp over current protection breakers.  The shore input grounds are fitted with 100\namp galvanic isolators.  The shore power\ninputs are each fitted with Hubbell 4 core 2 AWG cables fitted with retractable\nGlendenning CM-8 cord reels are exclusive storage bins. The shore input is\nconditioned through the LEF 65Kva isolation transformer; this is placed onto\nthe main bus using a 125 amp ABB main switchboard mounted over current\nprotection breaker.

American Bow thruster

2 Idromar watermakers,\n1585 and 1135 gallons per day

Hydraulic passarelle,\nstarboard aft



·        \nA new Miele washer\nand dryer were installed in the port side cabinet on the Sky Lounge.


·        \nThe washer and dryer on the lower level were replaced for\nnew ones. The dryer was upgraded for a vented unit from the existing\ncondensating one and vent piping was installed all the way to the\noutside. 

·        \n17’ Novamarine\ntender with Yanmar 4JH3-DTE


·        \nVHF


·        \nManufacturer:\nCustom

·        \nPower pack:\nAmer model MP80S/2 self-contained integrated into swim platform.




  • 2 X Twelve (12) man SOLAS life rafts
  • \n
  • 2 x Life Buoys with light
  • \n
  • 2 x Life Buoys with light and smoke
  • \n
  • 30 x Life jackets adult
  • \n
  • 8 x Life jacket child
  • \n
  • 14  immersion\n suits
  • \n
  • 406Mhz EPIRB
  • \n
  • New Float Off EPIRB August 2019
  • \n
  • Distress signal flares and smoke in date
  • \n


(2) firefighting suits\nwith air bottles and masks, one new August 2019. 

  • All backpacks replaced. 
  • \n
  • All breathing apparatus replaced on old suits,\n August 2019
  • \n

Small fire axe

10 x 4 Kg handheld powder\nfire extinguishers

5 x 10 Kg handheld powder\nfire extinguishers

2 x 10 Kg handheld CO2\nfire extinguishers

Fire and general alarm\nbuttons located in various places throughout the yacht

New MCA medical Kit, 2019


Panel outside engine room\nwith emergency shut down for the following:

  • Quick closing valves
  • \n
  • Ventilation
  • \n
  • Generator
  • \n

Fire alarm panel in\nwheelhouse, guest entrance lobby and crew mess with smoke/heat sensors in the\noverhead throughout the yacht.

3 x Seawater firefighting\noutlets with hoses and nozzles

FM200 fire system for\nengine room tested July 2019

Fire pump

Fire dampers

Audio/Visual Signals:

  • Ship\'s bell
  • \n
  • International running lights
  • \n


Ample\nup to-date handheld flares

  • Emergency grab bag, new January 2019
  • \n
  • Panel in pilothouse indicating open doors
  • \n
  • Emergency DC lighting
  • \n
  • High water alarms in bilges and cofferdams
  • \n
  • Bilge and fire pumps are interchangeable\n through properly labeled manifolds.
  • \n
  • Safety plan with instructions and locations of\n safety equipment

Owner\'s\npersonal items and artwork excluded.

The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

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