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You look at them everyday either on Instagram, Facebook, Zillow, YachtWorld, etc. They paint a picture of the product the person is looking at, whether it be a thing, place, or person. They are the very first impression and the starting point of someones interest. Needless to say they are key to reeling anyone in. So here are our tips and tricks for getting the best photography for your boat.

Why Wait?

Owners in the northern states will be taking their boats out of the water in a few months to decommission and get the boat shrink wrapped for winter. Then spring rolls around and it's time for selling season, but the boats cannot be taken out since the weather is not yet par for boating and the cost to get them in is not pennies.

So how do you take photos when the boat is in storage? Take them NOW. End of summer when the weather is beautiful and sunny. You were probably too busy in the beginning enjoying the boat to even think about it, but now that summer is coming to an end and the kids are going back to school add it to your to-do list. Especially if you plan to upgrade next spring or just plan to sell.

Taking your own photos.

If you are taking your own photos, remember to pick a day with good lighting. You don't want clouds or low light. You want crisp blue skies and sharp lighting. Basically paint the picture of enjoying the boat on a beautiful day. The new buyer will feel this in the photos. This doesn't sound so bad does it?

The photos should be a walkthrough of the boat. Again, paint the picture. Start with the exterior aft, bow, port and starboard. Make sure these are landscape or else they do not work well for advertising. Then move into the cockpit and flybridge. Get the details of the boat so that you can provide everything to your broker.

Moving to the interior can get a bit cramped and hard to capture. Your broker can assist you or give you tips on how to capture certain angles. Again, focus on the story of the boat and capture all the details. The broker will pick the best ones to use, since they have an eye for it.

Hiring a pro photographer could make all the difference.

Hiring a photographer.

Your best option is to higher someone, especially someone that comes with great recommendations. Boats are a unique thing to capture and it's not for all people. Your broker will know the best of the best in the industry. Maybe hiring a photographer is not in the books right now, but think about the possibility for summer when the boat is ready. Taking your own photos will do for now.

What about a video?

Videos have become the number one thing to view on the internet. They are huge SEO gains and people tend to crave the motion. It excites the viewer. You can do your own video, especially if you have your own drown. However, hiring a professional can give you the perfect walkthrough with the right music.

Contact your broker if you need assistance. They're here for you 365 days of the year. If you want them to join you so they can take them, just ask! Or send them the photos when you're done so they can keep them on hand for spring. Being prepared will make selling that much easier. It's a phone call away from making the boat active to sold!

Chuck Newman

All Fun Yacht Sales