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This World Oceans Day we give you 5 tips to protect the oceans. As avid boaters, we probably use the ocean and waterways more than most. We are lucky to have the access that we have! Remember to protect the source in which we use.

The ocean provides us with oxygen, absorbing almost 50x more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere. It controls our weather patterns, determining our hurricane seasons and more. The ocean is an important food source, allowing more than just fish to feed us. The ocean gives us freedom to dive, fish, sail, surf, boat, swim, and come together to escape the everyday world. Our lives revolve around the ocean in more than one way. We need to respect the ocean so it can continue to give us all the benefits.

Here are 5 easy ways you can help the oceans.


Use oil absorbent pads in the bilges of all boats with inboard engines

DO NOT use soaps to disperse spills - it is ILLEGAL

The U.S. Coast Guard recommends filling the tank only 90 percent to capacity to reduce the chance of spills from overfilling

USE pump-out services offered by marinas

USE non-hazardous materials and DISPOSE of properly

Anchor in places where habitats won't be disturbed

Do not speed in areas that are marked slow


This needs to become more prevalent due to the overuse of plastics in our everyday life. Due to science and studies, we have learned more about how plastics have impacted our lives. Plastic particles are found in the fish we catch. Choosing to use reusable sources not only limits the number of items produced, but the amount of residue is decreased. Leaving less toxins in our water.

Opt for reusable silicone sandwich bags for your next outing on the boat. Not only are they dishwasher safe, they are easy to use and decrease the amount of plastic bags we tend to use.

Ditch the plastic water bottle and go for a refillable glass bottle.

These small changes for each person can make an incredible impact over time.


Most people might find this obvious, but there are many people that do not follow the guidelines. Be sure to contact your local FWC to learn about local fishing seasons and rules and regulations. These are put in place to help the species grow and multiply. By not following guidelines, you hurt the ocean.


When boating through the intracoastal waterways and out in the open ocean, be sure to keep your eyes open for wildlife. Many animals end up hospitalized due to propellers smashing them or trash invading their environment. Be responsible about your trash and other items. Fish and turtles get caught in fishing nets and end up dying because they can't escape. Or the trash becomes part of their homes or bodies. Be conscientious of your surroundings.


There are many foundations out there that support sea life, ocean cleanup, etc. Become involved. Promote the protection so that you have the ability to use the resources the world gives us. Many foundations have their own creative ways of bringing awareness to the ocean. Loggerhead Marine Life in Jupiter, FL promotes healthy sea turtles by sharing their rescues and releases. They offer "adoption" options to help support the foundation. They promote beach cleanups to keep the ocean clear of clutter for our sea life.

Chuck Newman

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