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You see them everywhere, especially in southern waters; on trailers in people's yards and driveways, marinas, on the road being towed to inland lakes and rivers, launching in every county and state boat launch available, congregating at the sandbars, fishing coastal waters and reefs! Powered by a single to quintuple outboards, they are like flying fish on the water, blasting their favorite tunes on powerful marine sound systems! Having FUN, FUN, FUN!

For many, the Center Console is an entry-level boat; there are many good quality pre-owned center consoles available priced within the means of a young single guy. And there are so many manufacturers and builders offering a myriad of choices! Although Center Consoles are designed and built for offshore fishing, they are used for a wide range of activities.

The versatility and reliability of Center Consoles are central to their popularity. They are ideal fishing vessels, with built-in fish boxes, live wells, bait stations, rod storage, rod holders, tackle drawers, outriggers, underwater lights, walk-around deck space, fish finding electronics and so much more! But don't forget the seating areas in the bow and foredeck area; some with tables that fold or stow away, and the stereo with built-in speakers everywhere. Larger models have marine heads accessed from a door in the side of the console and even more accommodations below deck, such as a small galley (sink, microwave, fridge), storage, and v-berth. These are some of the features and amenities designed to appeal to the family, turning a fishing trip to a family pleasure outing on the water, creating memorable moments that last a lifetime.

Some of the new, larger Center Consoles have transoms wide enough for up to five outboard engines with power to rival the "go fast" speedboats! Their hulls are designed to perform in rough conditions, cutting through chop and diverting spray away from the bow, in short, fishing "battle wagons"! Or more elegantly put, "fishing machines"! With their versatility, sporty performance and sturdy construction, no wonder Center Consoles continue to be so popular, as new construction techniques and marine electronics offer even greater improvements.

With such a proliferation of brands and models on the market, it may not be an easy choice, when doing an online search. United Yacht Sales utilizes current technology to provide you with powerful search tools, able to mine through thousands of listings to help you narrow down to a short list of available boats that meet your criteria. Call a United Yacht Sales licensed, professional broker to help you further, by answering questions and giving you a virtual boat showing of his or her listing, all from the comfort of your home/safe space.

Here is a list of some popular, good quality pre-owned Center Consoles currently available:

A 35' Everglades 2011 Center Console for sale by United Yacht Sales

Other well known Center Console makes include: SeaHunter, Regulator, Tidewater, Contender, Jupiter, Custom Carolina, Renegade, Mako, Glacier Bay, Chris-Craft, Triton, Midnight Express, Fountain, SeaVee, Nor-Tech, Mystic, Wellcraft, Grady-White Canyon and many more!

If owning a NEW semi-custom or custom-built boat is your preference, United Yacht Sales can offer that option as well and help with every step of the process through delivery, and service. We value client relationships; your satisfaction is our priority.

Chuck Newman

All Fun Yacht Sales