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Founder Joe Reese was an avid fisherman in Tennessee who started Hydra-Sports Bass Boats in 1972 when he realized there weren't any affordable high performance bass boats for fishermen. He rolled out the first Hydra-Sports bass boat in 1973 in Smyrna, TN and they were eagerly snapped up. Reeves sold the business 4 years later, in 1976, after moving production to Nashville to return to his masonry business, though he stayed on in an advisory capacity. Reese is credited with turning the bass fishing boat around to what it is today, according to a close friend, noting Reese's trendsetting design ability and fishing skills. Hydra-Sports was credited with being the first boat builder to use the V-pad hull and Kevlar for greater performance and became the first high performance bass boat to be marketed nationwide. In 1987 they were highly regarded and recognized as the largest and best riding boats in the marketplace.

In the 1990's Hydra-Sports expanded into the saltwater market with a line of center console fishing boats that achieved the distinction of being the first to win against sportfish inboards in offshore tournaments! They proved to be very popular with serious sport fishermen for having the right qualities, powerful speed, efficiency and exceptional design. The Walk-Around Cabin models were introduced in 1999 and the following year saw the very successful launch of the Vector Series. The next two decades saw ownership changes, many innovations as technology increased, and change in market focus. The years 2003-2007 saw the award-winning 33-ft. center console, incorporation of Frigid Rigid insulated coolers as standard feature, winning the most cash payouts of FLW Kingfish Tour 2015 and designing a second row seat, known as the "sleigh seat." 2008 saw the 19-ft Bay boat intro to the line-up and the launch of flagship 41-ft Center Console that became the largest of its class, able to compete with sportfish boats. Hydra-Sports was first to put 3 electronic screens as standard on its helm layout, an innovation of year 2009. Year 2011 saw a trend to luxury styling with some customization of new builds.

In 2012 Hydra-Sports Fishing Boats transitioned to Hydra-Sports Custom Boats after acquisition by long-time dealer, Plantation Boat Mart & Marina located in South Florida. Through a concept new to the marine industry, Hydra-Sports Custom Boats was able to offer a more customer-centric experience by having customers order directly from strategically located factory test centers and take delivery. The boats could then be engineered at the test facilities directly with the customer for a truly customized boat, reflective of the owner's lifestyle. In 2018, CEO of Hydra-Sports Custom Boats, Elias De La Torre III, envisioned a new direction to reposition the company as a luxury center console sportfishing boat builder, a new category in the marine industry and renamed it HCB Center Console Yachts. Customer experience has been elevated to the "Crucero" Design Center, a customized and exclusive approach to customer-ownership process. Although the boats may look like center consoles in their slips, upon boarding, it becomes immediately apparent; these are stunningly beautiful luxurious yachts! By merging the performance and superior functionality, along with the ease of use and ownership, of outboard-powered Center Consoles with the size, comfort, sophisticated styling and customization (premium materials and features) of high-end sportfish yachts, a new hybrid has emerged, the HCB Center Console Yacht!

From Tennessee bass fishing boat origins to high-end custom center console yachts is quite a journey (Crucero), as Hydra-Sports Fishing Boats have developed with the needs and demands of the market and changing ownership over the nearly 50-year span of its boat building business!

The Hydra-Sports performance bass boats are still cherished today; just visit a Bass Boat Owners Forum! In fact, Hydra-Sports Fishing Boats, although no longer in production, are such well-designed, powerful offshore performers that they continue to be desirable to this day.

These new large center console sport fishing yachts by HCB are available in 4 model categories.

The 38 foot HCB Yachts Center Console "Speciale" is the family-friendly luxury center console line.

Measuring in at 38' 11" with a beam of 11' 6" she weighs in at 19,000 lbs with Triple Yamaha 350's. A 1400 horsepower rating and a fuel capacity of 525 gallons. Engines up the draft is 24" and down is 40". A family friendly center console that is perfect for those who are price comparing.

The 42 foot HCB Yachts Center Console "Siesta" is for the sports enthusiast.

The Siesta measures in at 41' 7" and has a beam of 12' 2" and weighing 24,000 lbs. Engines can be iether quad 450 Mercs or quad 450 Yamahas. The Fuel Capacity is 614 Gallons, with 130 gallons additional fuel option available. Engines up the draft is 24" and down is 34". The Siesta is designed for sustained offshore performance and is an amazing ride for angling or cruising, and is the only quad powered yacht in it's class.

The 53 foot HCB Yachts Center Console "Suenos" features uncompromising luxury.

The Suenos officially measures in at 52' 11" with a 13' beam and a deadrise of 23 degrees aft. The engines can come with quint 450 Mercs, quad 425 Yamahas and 627 Sevens. With over 2500 horsepower and 1000 standard fuel capacity, this large center console yacht perfectly balances speed, ride, and comfort.

The 65 foot HCB Yachts Center Console "Estrella", is the star of the fleet!

The Estrella is the worlds largest Center Console and is considered the first ever Mega Center Console Yacht. With a legth of 65' and a 16' beam, this yacht carries comfort and style but excels in use and performance. Feel the pull of over 25,000 horsepower with your choice of either Sextet 450 Mercury, Quint 425 Yamaha, and 627 Sevens! This is one yacht you have to see to believe!

Follow this link to view all of the new & used HCB yachts for sale currently on the market.

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