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As most people are figuring out what to do this weekend, the majority of boat owners are going to celebrate on the water. There is plenty to do by boat this weekend and we want you prepared with all the essentials. Here's our list of necessities for your holiday weekend. As always, be safe and have fun (all while keeping your distance)!


Yes, this may be a given, but you wouldn't believe how many people go without sunblock. Don't get fried this weekend, instead get a nice tan while protecting your fragile skin. We recommend a face sunscreen and a body spray to make it easy. Make sure to spray your body BEFORE you get on the boat. No one likes to clean sunblock off the deck.

For the face: EltaMD - UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46


We also recommend packing an SPF shirt and hats!


Don't forget to bring your insulated cups like your Yeti, RTIC or Tervis tumbler! You don't want your ice melting and ruining your drinks. Plus, they're reusable and won't contribute to pollution! In addition you'll want a good cooler. Especially if you'll be out on the boat all day in the sun. Keep your food fresh and drinks cold. Get matching cups and coolers from Yeti or RTIC they come in red and blue, which is perfect for the holiday weekend!


Thinking of anchoring up for lunch? Be sure to have your grill and propane ready to go. It isn't the 4th of July without a good summer bbq, especially on the boat. Don't forget some fresh watermelon to keep you hydrated!

Here's our go-to grill - Soveriegn BBQ (when it's blowing hard, this one stays lit).


After a long day sitting in the sun on the boat, jump in the fresh or salty water and bring your float or pool noodle along. You'll enjoy the cool water on your skin while floating and enjoying a cocktail. These seat floats are easy to transport and great for outdoor use with its Sunbrella fabric.


If your boat doesn't have a charger readily available, grab a portable charger to ensure your phones stay charged while playing music or taking pictures. Even if your boat has a charger on board, this is handy when you have multiple people with you.


Bring lots of hydrating foods and snacks with you this weekend. An easy, kid, boat, and social distancing friendly option is fruit kebabs. Stack on different fruit onto a bamboo kebab and that's it! Super easy and ready to go when you are. We recommend strawberries, watermelon and pineapple. Hand them out instead of sharing out of a bowl.

Of course don't forget, safety first! Make sure to always have on board a First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, fenders, ropes, Coast Guard safety kit, and water!

Chuck Newman

All Fun Yacht Sales